Jigs and Reels/Acknowledgements

Материал из Переводов
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Once more, as always, many thanks to the unsung heroes who have helped to bring these stories into print: to my agent Serafina Clarke, my foreign agent Jennifer Luithlen, my editor Francesca Liversidge and all my other friends at Transworld; to Brie Burkeman, my film agent, to Louise Page, and to Anne Reeve, for keeping me in line, to Stuart Haygarth for his jacket designs, and to Kevin, Anouchka, Christopher and all those other people who have inspired me and kept me wriring, even when sometimes I didn't want to. Lastly, my heartfelt thanks to everyone who works to keep these books on the shelves - booksellers, sales representatives, distributors - and you, the readers, who have followed me this far.